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Faster invoicing - Better documentation - Less paperwork -
Enhanced management - Reducing wastage - Easier inventory
Better control of work and service orders

Mobile assignment system

For the mobile work force, the day is often spent entering information manually onto paper forms. This includes everything from the registration of working hours, use of materials, ordering of materials and various monitoring forms to inspection reports, non-conformance reports and other documentation. SpeedyCraft simplifies the work day both in the office and out in the field. Work tasks are registered in the software and field work is assigned electronically through a PDA installed with SpeedyCraft. The mobile worker receives the assignment on his PDA and can register everything from hours and goods spent to inspection forms and photographic documentation before the work order is synchronised back to the office solution. New work orders can also be registered in SpeedyCraft out in the field and synchronised into the office solution after the work has been completed.

SpeedyCraft not only ensures that work orders are registered more quickly, but also speeds up the billing process, reduces waste in the form of forgotten hours and goods, provides better documentation and quality assurance of field work, and makes considerable more information accessible to workers out in the field. The various sections to the right describe some of the most important features of SpeedyCraft.

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