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Asset tracking

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ViaTracks Find tracks your tools and equipment, giving you a complete overview of the location of you assets, in list view or map view.

Save time

Stay informed as to whose in possession of a specific tool without excessive paper notes or needless phone calls


Use list view or map view to find your assets. Use search and filter functions to retrieve a specific selection of data

Avoid Loss

Put a stop to inventory loss and unnecessary replacement purchases. Eliminate unnecessary costs for replacing lost tools


Let technology work for you. Determine your asset’s last position with automated tracking

The market’s smallest asset tracker

  • Size: 2,6 x 2,7 cm
  • Height: 3 mm
  • Weight: 4 gram

Personal inventory

Exclusive access to your own inventory logs gives you full oversight of the location of your tools and equipment, whether they are in the vehicle, on loan or at the shop

Tiny and tough

The chip is sturdy, waterproof and frost proof, and has a minimum 7-year lifespan

Shared inventory

Full access to shared inventory. Stop looking for misplaced tools

All platforms

Available as an online service and application. Supported by both android and IOS


Receive push-notifications for forgotten assets, using various inquiries


Organise your inventory based on defined groups or locations

Map and list view

Retrieve a location overview as a detailed list or a visual map. Narrow your search by limiting the parameters

Storage placement

Locate your inventory, whether it is in-house, permanent storage or in a vehicle

Geographical areas

Section off larger areas for the movement of your tools and equipment, to create a wider permitted areal for the positioning of certain assets

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