Electronic crew list

SiteMonitor automatically registers all workers in and out. Construction site manager has real-time employee overview

  • No physical installation
  • No passage of specific points
  • All employees are logged via the app as soon as they are inside or outside
  • Full overview of which workers are on the project in real time
  • Main contractor has all contact information on all workers regardless of company
  • Possibility of manual login if needed

Mobile acceptance of HSE and SHA

Accept HSE and SHA regulations via mobile before arrival at the project and start work right away. The main contractor does not have to spend time receiving new workers and will have more time to follow up HSE in the project.


When the facility escapes, all personnel are notified on their mobile phone. The administrator can control who has got out and if anyone is left at the facility.

Building and construction certificate

The main contractor has a full overview of all certificates and expertise of those registered on the project. The workers themselves register building cards and certificates via app.

RUH and Coordination Form

Create your own RUH directly on the mobile application and send directly to the main contractor’s own system

Easily generate coordination forms based on which companies are or have been logged in to the project.

Building Regulations

SiteMonitor satisfies all requirements of Section 15 of the Building Regulations

Privacy policy (Norwegian)

Only placements within or outside the project area are registered. SiteMonitor has been developed in line with Norwegian privacy requirements, and it is not tracked where the worker is or has been.

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