Devinco is both data processor and data controller. This means that the company collects, stores and processes personal information on behalf of both our own and our customers. This privacy statement describes the conditions for such processing of personal data.


Website, privacy and cookies

On the website, we use cookies to analyze the use of the site, as well as create a profile to adapt marketing to your interests. It is your choice whether you want to allow the storage of cookies related to statistics and marketing. Some cookies cannot be opted out, as they are linked to the performance of the website.
You can delete cookies in your own browser. See instructions for deletion in the browser’s help functions or the guide on (Norwegian website).
Website analytics
We use the analysis tools Google Analytics and Hotjar to be able to analyze the use of the website, such as page clicks and time on different pages. The tools also collect other available data, such as browser type, screen size and simple demographics. All statistics from Google Analytics and Hotjar are anonymized and not traceable to each individual user.
Contact form
The information that is filled in when you submit the contact form is stored with us in order to process the inquiry, and is based on consent. If you want the information to be deleted, please contact us.


You will receive a newsletter from Devinco if you are a customer of ours or have signed up for a newsletter. We store information about name, company and email address in the Mailchimp newsletter tool, and they will not be shared further. The processing of personal data is based on legitimate interest. The newsletter is used to inform customers about our solutions, important updates, as well as other useful subject matter, customer cases or other relevant information.
You can unsubsribe from the newsletter by using the link in email signatures or contact us.


All Devinco’s products collect and process personal information on behalf of our customers. This means that Devinco is a data processor, and our customers are responsible for processing. For this reason, Devinco enters into a data processor agreement with each individual customer that regulates confidentiality, information security, non-conformance management, impact analysis and deletion of personal data.
The legal basis for this processing is the Norwegian law Personopplysningsloven §8.
Devinco develops its products on the principle of built-in privacy and enables data controllers to delete information stored both automatically and manually.

Location data in SiteMonitor app

The SiteMonitor app uses Location data to determine whether or not the user is on a construction site or not. The app does not send the location of the user to the server to be processed. Instead, all the building sites of the employee’s company are sent from the server to the user’s device. The employee can then himself choose for which building sites he wants to activate monitoring. What is sent to the server is only that he has entered or left the building site, including timestamps and site id. If the employee doesn’t set any building sites active in the app, then no data about logging in to sites is sent to the server.

This way, we have fully prevented the employee’s accurate location being sent to a server, or being shared with their employer. Even within the building site, their exact location is not sent to a server. The company will only know whether their employees are present at the building site or not. As it is important for Health, Security and Environment reasons that the list of people at the site is correct at all times, it is necessary to use the most accurate location available when evaluating this on the device. In addition, the app needs to use background location to make sure the user’s presence at sites is updated automatically also when the user is not actively using the app, which is basically the entire purpose of this app.

Customer information

Devinco processes information about customers contact persons that is necessary for entering into an agreement and performing necessary services related to the agreement.
The legal basis for this processing is Norwegian law Personopplysningsloven § 8 letter a), b) or f).
The customer information is stored for as long as the customer relationship lasts and is deleted five years after the end of the customer relationship.

Your legal rights

If we store personal information about you, you have the right to access, correct and delete the information we have about you. . If the information is based on consent, you can withdraw this by contacting us.

Updating the privacy statement

We reserve the right to change this statement if necessary. Significant changes will be clearly marked.

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