Mobile order management

SpeedyCraft register working hours, costs, materials used and documentation, and syncronizes information between the office and the field.

Mobile order management

Imagine a working day without paper, with no orders that need printing and no one on the road having to call into the office to pick up their orders, since they can simply drive directly to the site. No one has to write down hours, materials used or checklists on paper and no one has to call into the office on the way home to turn in completed orders – they simply go home at the end of the day. And, last but not least, those who have to spend time logging incoming orders can spend their time more productively on more important things. SpeedyCraft revolutionises the working day for the entire company – both in the office and in the field.

Service Orders

All information available in the field

The wireless exchange of work and service orders with office solutions is one of numerous optional functions in SpeedyCraft. With this option, the work or service order is issued from the office solution to SpeedyCraft, for which the field personnel can provide all relevant information before returning it. This information can include hours worked, materials used, control and checklists, images for documentation of completed work, invoice comments, internal comments and signatures. All customer and product information available in the office solution can be transferred electronically to SpeedyCraft. It is quick and easy to search for existing customers or create new ones and field personnel can create new orders onsite if required.

Service Objects

Control and inspection of service objects

Many of our customers are involved in inspections, periodic checks and the servicing of a range of objects, such as buildings, machines, water and sewage systems, grid stations, ventilation plants, office machinery and other fixed installations. SpeedyCraft is ideal for registering and logging activities related to these types of service objects and provides a full service history for field personnel. If the service object does not have a location address, GPS positioning in SpeedyCraft is used. This gives our customers comprehensive documentation of all activities related to service objects in the office solution plus excellent decision-making data for use in the field.


Mobile inventory logistics

Products and consumables available in an office solution can be transferred electronically to SpeedyCraft and product catalogues with several thousand items can be stored locally in the mobile solution. Materials can be ordered quickly and easily from a range of wholesalers, materials received can be logged and inventory management and stocktaking can be performed. This is particularly useful for field personnel who run out of materials in the field and need new deliveries as soon as possible. A search in SpeedyCraft’s product catalogue can display the customer’s and other vendor’s stock status for any given product, item number, prices and order volume. When ordering materials, SpeedyCraft transfers all necessary information on the item to the ordering window and the order can then be sent from SpeedyCraft to an office solution or directly to a wholesaler.


Digital documentation of field work

Our customers increasingly need to document work performed in the field. This may be due to the requirements of authorities or their own customers or the company’s own procedures for internal control. SpeedyCraft offers a wide range of standard industry-specific forms that are freely available to our customers or, alternatively, customised forms can be produced. Completing the forms is simple and intuitive, facilitating a range of alternatives for checking-off, selecting from drop-down lists, figures and text. Good documentation of field work, however, involves more than just completing forms. With SpeedyCraft, images and other documents can be added to orders and forms, so that the work can be documented before, during and after the work, and all documentation is easily accessible for future reference.

Resource Management

Allocating work orders to field personnel

The planning and allocation of tasks from the office takes place either directly from the office solution or from Devinco Schedule. Devinco Schedule not only provides a complete overview of all work orders and field personnel, but can also filter all orders according to the case manager’s requirements. “Drag and drop” functionality makes it easy to allocate tasks and visualise all available resources and work orders in time in the schedule function and to schedule a working day for field personnel in the best possible manner. Once the order has been allocated in Devinco Schedule, it is sent to the relevant employee and logged in the field worker’s schedule. The field personnel can change or add new agreements and transfer their updated schedule back to Devinco Schedule. Devinco Schedule also provides an integrated map service that visualises order addresses on a geographic map. A corresponding map of the site can also be made available to field personnel in SpeedyCraft. Devinco Schedule is simple and intuitive to use, with the same degree of flexibility as SpeedyCraft.


Maps in transparent layers

More and more industry sectors are using maps as a tool both in the office and out in the field. SpeedyCraft can download maps from a range of sources, including Microsoft Virtual Earth and WMS (Web Map Services), and allows the user to register work orders and new service objects directly in the map interface. Different maps can also be laid in transparent layers to show, for example, electricity cables, fibre optic cables, high voltage masts, plot boundaries and so on, both on and under the ground. When combined with very precise GPS in a PDA, these maps provide an indispensable tool for a wide range of sectors and SpeedyCraft an industry-independent application that can visualise, create and edit information directly in a geographical interface. Guides field personnel to the site SpeedyCraft rapidly sorts all work orders according to distance from the field personnel to site, so that you can quickly see which work orders are in the vicinity. A single touch on the customer’s address is all it takes to activate the navigation solution, automatically propose a route and guide the field personnel to the site.


SpeedyCraft integrates with most ERP systems, order systems and various technical systems within most industries. Typical industries range anywhere from electrical and piping, contracting and construction, to O & M and energy. New integration systems are continuously being developed.

Other important integration systems supported by SpeedyCraft are Boligmappa, ViaTracks electronic travellog and Visma Expense.

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