Fast and free support

Support is free of charge for all our customers.
Call us on (+47) 73 19 74 50
Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM.

Customer friendly

Support is available through phone or remote control. This ensures a quick and customer friendly experience of our services when a problem occurs.

Dedicated consultant

Devinco has dedicated consultants that offers on-site training and courses. Please contact us for an offer.

Hjelp desk (Norwegian)

Click here to enter our help centre. Here you can submit new cases, follow existing cases, and search in our knowledge database.


Support: (+47) 73 19 74 50
Sales: (+47) 73 19 74 70


SpeedyCraft Mobile Android

SpeedyCraft on Google Play

Download SpeedyCraft Mobile 3 for Android
Requires last version of SpeedyCraft Live. If you have an older version on your server, you can find an older version at Other versions.

SpeedyCraft Mobile Windows

Download SpeedyCraft Mobile 3 for PC/Windows
Requires version 3.5.0 or newer of SpeedyCraft Live on server.

SpeedyCraft Mobile IOS

Download SpeedyCraft Mobile for iOS

ViaTracks Mobile for Android

Download ViaTracks Mobile app for Android

ViaTracks Mobile for IOS

Download ViaTracks Mobile app for iOS

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