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ViaTracks live vehicle tracking


ViaTracks is a complete vehicle tracking that satisfies the authorities’ requirements for documentation. It has everything you need to get started with automatic registration of driving trips.

Manually keeping driving records takes a lot of time and it is easy to make incorrect entries or forget journeys. ViaTracks saves all journeys automatically, and makes all documentation easily accessible to the user and company. No pen and paper. No on and off buttons. Only you, the car and ViaTracks.

  • Automatic registration of toll crossings and costs
  • Automatic driver identification if you have several drivers on the same car
  • Automatic updating of car mileage and mileage per year
  • Automatic update of cars in map using fleet management (optional function)
  • Accurate measurement of all trips
  • Clear and simple user interface
  • Good filtering and flexible search options on all trips taken
  • Simple ticking for private trips or business trips
  • All or parts of the driving book can be saved or printed as Excel documents
  • Can be installed by the customer himself and requires no maintenance or training
  • Automatic entry of driving costs against the work order in the SpeedyCraft mobile order system
  • Transfer of driving costs from SpeedyCraft to the finance system
  • Automatic guidance of purpose of the trip from work order in SpeedyCraft to ViaTracks
  • Full control over the driving record in SpeedyCraft

Do you want to try ViaTracks?

ViaTracks includes everything you need:

  • GPS unit with antenna for permanent installation in a car
  • All communication costs between car and central server
  • Access to the driving book via the internet or app