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Sustainability and social responsibility in Devinco

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are a global agenda for the sustainable development of the world by 2030. They consist of goals and sub-goals that address challenges to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change.

Working with sustainability is the guiding principle for Devinco’s operations. This includes the entire value chain, not just our own company. We want to do more to reduce the climate burden, and will promote sustainability for people and businesses.

Our products ensure improved resource management, detailed documentation of field work and full control of vehicles, tools and equipment. This results in faster and more correct invoicing, and automates manual routines.

The HSE/KS system we offer as part of the SpeedyCraft and Mobile Worker solutions takes care of all aspects of the health, environment, safety and quality work at our customers, including:

  • Establishing best practice in the form of routine descriptions ensures that customers have a plan for carrying out work in the right way with the agreed quality.
  • By documenting execution with checklists, the customer can focus on implementing the plan and delivering right away.
  • Correct execution the first time reduces material use and driving, while also ensuring good profitability.
  • Good HSE work helps our customers look after their own employees and their health.
  • Systematic registration and handling of deviations means that accidents and errors are handled well, and that the customer learns and improves his own routines.

By using ViaTrack’s electronic driving book and Find tracking tags, we contribute in collaboration with our customers to sustainable cities and local communities and to reducing climate change, among other things with the following functions:

  • Efficient resource allocation of vehicles and flexible reports for all driving (number of km, number of trips, tolls, driving time per trip) make good use of the fleet.
  • Integration into the work order system makes visible the costs of using the vehicles for each project.
  • The service and maintenance function contributes to increased traffic safety and to vehicles lasting longer.
  • Report for driving behavior (including idling) can contribute to reduced fuel consumption and more defensive driving.
  • Measurement of emissions from cars that run on fossil fuel.
  • Tool tracking tags make finding equipment faster. This increases the lifespan of the equipment and reduces the need to buy new ones.

We ourselves have taken major steps towards increased sustainability: Falkenborgvegen 36

In autumn 2022, the head office moved into a new office building at Falkenborgvegen 36 in Trondheim. The building is certified by BREEAM-NOR, which is Norway’s leading environmental certification system for buildings. Falkenborgveien 36 has certification “Very Good”. The aim of BREEAM certification is to design, build and operate the building in the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient way possible. It is therefore essential that the solutions linked to the technical facilities are taken care of and used correctly after takeover. Separate climate accounts are kept in collaboration with Fortum and Grønt Valg.

Production of ViaTracks and Find takes place at our head office in Trondheim. Here, environmentally friendly materials are chosen in the production process, in addition to the reuse of products upon return.

Falkenborgvegen 36 is located at one of Trondheim’s three major public transport hubs with close to 1,500 daily bus departures and 40 train departures, so that it is easy for employees to use public transport to and from work. The building has indoor bicycle parking, with a wash and repair station for bicycles. The company offers all its employees a parking space for a fee per space. Those of the company’s employees who choose to give up their place in favor of alternative transport will receive a gift card.

More than 50 employees from different nationalities are important contributors to the focus on work and development for shared environmental benefit. Employees are encouraged to use digital means of communication on various platforms. This contributes positively to reduced travel activities and results in far fewer analogue, mechanical and paper-based work processes.

Compass Group runs the staff restaurant at Falkenborgvegen 36. They start from the fact that good food is the way to better health and a good life, and have their focus areas on food waste, cutting plastic and health on the menu.