Electronic coordination for mass transport

With TruckLoad, you can easily coordinate driving missions and complete projects at record speed.

  • Register and assign new driving assignments
  • Automatic linking to project
  • Ongoing status of driving assignments
  • Clear report to customer

How it works

The coordinator registers driving assignments in the system so that each driver has an overview of their working day. When performing jogging, weight and type of mass are applied to the project in question. The driver can also submit his/her own assignments if needed. All information is available to the coordinator so that he has ongoing status on assignments, vehicles and deliveries.

With TruckLoad, you get

  • Freed up time for other tasks
  • Faster billing with the right foundation
  • Paperless system for full traceability

Integration to Scaleit

Collect data directly from the car scale system and make the job even easier. Item type, order number, and project are some of the data that is sent to TruckLoad.

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