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Statement in accordance with the Transparency Act – Devinco AS

Date: 30.06.2023.

Devinco AS wishes to present this statement in accordance with the Transparency Act LOV-2021-06-18-99. We take our responsibility for openness and transparency seriously, and this statement is intended to inform about our measures and practices related to public access to information.

What is Devinco

Devinco AS is a leading supplier of integrated mobile solutions. Our core competence is technology that ensures improved resource management, detailed documentation of field work and the use of vehicles. This results in faster and more correct invoicing and automates manual routines. This technology safeguards a healthy economy for both customer and supplier.

Since its inception in 2002, the company has experienced great growth and has over 50 employees located in Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo and Stockholm. In autumn 2022, the head office moved into a new office building at Falkenborgvegen 36 in Trondheim.

Devinco products represent a communication bridge between administration and production, as well as between office solutions and field work. We are an innovative and advanced production company that offers unique technology to a growing number of partners, industries and customers.

Due diligence assessments

Devinco has carried out a due diligence assessment of its suppliers. This is to uncover actual and potential consequences. This is an ongoing activity, where time intervals, changes to premises or new suppliers regulate the implementation.

Devinco has internal routines and requirements for suppliers to ensure that the company complies with the Transparency Act. There is also an internal requirement to follow this up on a regular basis.

Possible consequences for Devinco are the use of conflict minerals, and the use of suppliers that do not comply with the scope of the Transparency Act.

Devinco has chosen established suppliers who have their own processes in these areas, this ensures that the value chain is in accordance with the Transparency Act.

With its choices, Devinco has ensured that the value chain complies with the Transparency Act.

Access requirements

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Ruben Edna, CEO Devinco AS