Mobile order management

Imagine a working day without paper, with no orders that need printing and no one on the road having to call into the office to pick up their orders, since they can simply drive directly to the site. No one has to write down hours, materials used or checklists on paper and no one has to call into the office on the way home to turn in completed orders – they simply go home at the end of the day.SpeedyCraft revolutionises the working day for the entire company– both in the office and in the field.
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Electronic logbook

Those who use the company van have to log every single trip as documentation for the tax authorities, whilst those who use their own car for business trips want to log every single kilometre in order to claim their allowance. Imagine an electronic logbook that does all this work for you – automatically. No pen and paper. No on/off buttons. Just you, the van and ViaTracks.
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About Devinco

Devinco AS is a leading provider of integrated mobile solutions. Our core competence is technology that reduces the amount of paperwork in the office, out on assignments, and in the car. Our products ensure improved resource management, detailed documentation of fieldwork and use of vehicles. Subsequently this results in quicker and more accurate invoicing and automates manual routines.

The company have since its startup in 2002 experienced a major growth and has 35 employees allocated in Trondheim, Bodø, Bergen, Kristiansand, Oslo and Stockholm.

Our Goal & Visions

We believe that the market will continue to focus on mobile solutions and technology that lowers administration costs and increases the billable hours of individual employees.

Devinco’s products represent a communication bridge between administration and production and between office solutions and field work. This is achieved by maintaining the status as an innovative and advanced production company that offers unique technology to a growing number of collaboration partners and customers.


Devinco AS work with a wide range of companies developing and supporting various back-office solutions: ERP, CRM, CIS, NIS, GIS and EAM. Typical industries range from electricians, plumbers and carpenters to power companies and real estate management. If you want to discuss a potential integration with our products, please feel free to contact us.


Many thousands of end users and hundreds of companies within a wide range of sectors use Devinco products on a daily basis and base the administration of their assignments out in the field on Devinco technology. These sectors range from electricians, plumbers and utility companies, power companies and water, heat and sanitation companies to property management and operation organisations and public administrative functions and sales.

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